View Full Version : PHP question about dynamic fields and variables

04-03-2006, 04:02 PM
Hello All.

I've been perusing the tutorials here for a few weeks now. I'm new to Dreamweaver (and web design in general). My thanks to the author of the tutorials and those heavy contributors on the forums here.

I'm making my own site (yes, I know...do not try this at home) and making some headway (thanks to the tutorials here and elsewhere)...

One thing I'm doing is integrating my site with an adserver (phpAdsNew) (http://phpadsnew.com/two/index.html).

and what I'd like to do is have the ads display by a keyword. That keyword would be in a dynamic field [Field 16] which is a zip code field.

I also want the splay (or placement of the ads to group next to the content...which will be property listings.) The idea being that the ads would be consistant geographically with the property listings.

I'm thinking that once I get the ads displaying correctly (by being prompted by the content (zipcode) displayed in the dynamic field, I could then simply make the group of ad placeholders (layers) repeating regions.

Hopefully I didn't confuse anyone with my lack of proper webdesign lingo.

Any suggestions you could offer would be greatly appreciated as I have no Guru to make the Voodoo with PHP. :lol: