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03-31-2006, 12:55 AM
Please help!

You can check out my home webpage at:www.dxaminer.com/index2.html

You'll see that my issue is that the background images are repeating themselves when the tables get pushed larger due to cellpadding and not aligning correctly. I would have a backgound image set to like 160*400 and the background image set at the same size, but when I add a cellpad of 5 the background then repeats itself.

You'll also notice that the small picture that is in the middle of the site has a huge margin above and below it that shouldn't be there. When I'm editing this in Dreamweaver 8 it isn't there, but shows up in the browers ( I.E. and Firefox).

I'm also noticing quite a bit of difference of my website display between I.E and the Firefox browsers. In I.E. my text on the bottom table seems to bleed over into the next table...weird! How do I eliminate that?

I also have the whole document aligned to "middle" (for navbar), but want the text and tables of the body to be vertical aligned seperately as "top". How do I apply CSS functions seperately to bits of text or tables/cells?

Is there a good tutorial that covers CSS in Dreamweaver?

Also, do you know how to add a function to my website that would alow users to post comments like a blog?

Thank you greatly for your help!!


03-31-2006, 03:21 AM
I didn't notice any background image, but if you don't want a background image to repeat, use the CSS property 'background-repeat' and set it to 'no-repeat'
td.yourclassname {background-repeat: no-repeat}
This only works if your background image is set in CSS by the CSS property 'background-image'

Your little image in the middle of your website is inside a paragraph (

), paragraph tags have default margin in all browsers, take it out of the

or set the margins for the

to 0.

I would go to dreamweaver.com , the developer center for some tutorials, there's many on CSS there, CSS and DW has always been a little quirkly in my opnion :-/