View Full Version : navigation in template shifts!

03-22-2006, 06:55 PM
I'm designing a site on a template with a header on top, left navigation buttons and a main content region (editable). As it's a template the header and navigation is locked. But as soon as I start to fill in the main content and the height of theat table becomes higher than the height of the locked navigation in the template, it strats to push the navigation doen! how can I stop this from happening?

d a v e
03-22-2006, 07:05 PM
set the vertical alignment in the navigation tom top (and the main content)

03-23-2006, 02:15 AM
type your content in using the code view. within a p tag prefferably.
set height and widths to all ur images to prevent them from expanding.

also when i use to tpye straight into design view i dw mx, clicking outsdie the global table usually re-aligns things.

Does this help?

03-23-2006, 07:25 PM
Thanks, I'll have a look to see if it helps - I have set navigation and main content to top alignment allready so I'm guessing I'll try the re-typing directly into the code. The clicking outside doesn't help so far (i've tried it as well)