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02-23-2006, 09:59 AM
Hi, first post so hello to everyone! Nice forum and some good information on the site!

This thread is basically to ask some advice from you experts on where im going wrong with certain areas of my site design. :idea:

I'm a bit rusty with building sites and using Dreamweaver, as I've not really touched it in years (I was never really much good anyway)


Someone asked me do build them a website as a favour. I'm happy to do that as its good practice to get back into it. I'm using DW8, and I've created this site using tables and CSS.

Everything is spot on. Iv used a fixed a width (720px), centred main table, with a header, footer, left menu, and a couple of main content cells to the right.

- header and footer both contain a background image
- left menu contains menu links
- main content cell contains all the information on the site
- other main content cel is currently empty, but i want a mouse over image in there!

this is all good! looks just how I want it to look!

But I want to use layers to create some 'mouse over images' and also to be able to add images and text anywhere on the page, possibly overlapped in some cases, so the layout is exactly how I want it!

I've had a good play, and a big search on the net, and cant get the layers to work, as they are positioned 'absolute' and they mess up once previewed in the browser. (obviously)

Is there a way for my to get layers to work by using the top left hand corner of my 'maintable' instead of the top left hand corner of the browser?

I've also tried starting from scratch and playing aboutwith DIV's and CSS instead of tables, but even then I cant get my head around how it works. Even if i place layers within the main DIV (which is centred with a fixed width etc) the layers do not play!

In theory all I want to do is have an outer container, which is central, 720px, with a thin grey border and then be able to draw any layers I want within it. is this possible?

An example of how I would like this to look would be here:


Thanks for any advice! :D

02-23-2006, 02:58 PM
Can you give us a URL to look at?

02-23-2006, 03:08 PM
I've litterally just figured one part of my own question out....!

like a NOOB, i had my layer DIV before my table in the HTML, so obviously it wasnt positioning correctly.

Also I had some syle stuff in my HTML which I wasnt aware was there! that must have been from playing about last night with things!

Still unsure how the folk creating the pages I posted up do their sites so well though?