View Full Version : Multiple videos in one screen

02-21-2006, 04:56 PM
I'm trying to build a web page with a single video screen that can play multiple videos, as selected by the user.

Next to the single screen would be 10 buttons, one for "video 1", another for "video 2", a third for "video 3", etc. When the user clicks on one of those buttons, that video plays in the video screen.

The videos will be FLVs, but I'd like to design the player in DW using tables and cells.

Any tips on making this work are greatly appreciated.



06-23-2009, 11:57 AM
Hi york, any luck creating this, im trying to create the samething... im trying to link text links to the player so it plays on the same page and same player... if you by now know how to create this, please let me know.... thanks

07-01-2009, 12:47 PM
i know a lot of developers out there will scream at me for this, but try using a frames. oh btw i hate using frames... but unless someone has a better idea that is the best way.

07-01-2009, 02:44 PM
but unless someone has a better idea that is the best way. A regular webpage maybe?
If you want scrollbars use the overflow property in CSS.