View Full Version : Scrollbar problems with positioning... NO ABSOLUTE

02-21-2006, 02:39 AM
Hi, I've tried to get my problem fixed, nothing's happened yet...
I'm trying to put a scrollbar on a layer, which I have done, but I need to position it not absolute, I need it to remain over a certain part of the layer I have underneath (as the page layout)... Every time I put in the code 'static' or 'relative' it does what I want (by making that scrolling layer stay in place no matter what the size of browser) but puts a huge border around the text, pushes all of my layout out of whack and I then cannot adjust the size of the scroll layer.
My code is attached, the problem area in red (zipped htm)
otherwise, please go to: www.cardsprint.com.au (in the index code).
Hope someone can help me...
Beth :cry: