View Full Version : 2 problems--layers and centering

02-10-2006, 02:43 PM
Hi all-

I've made a couple of websites using Dreamweaver, but when it comes to code, I'm pretty uninformed; I have a basic understanding of HTML, but know diddly about CSS.

Here's my first problem--I created a page consisting of a single-cell table. In that, I placed an image. In a particular spot in the image, I wanted to insert an swf file. I tried doing this with a layer, but it didn't maintain formatting across different size browser windows or various screen resolutions.

My solution was to create a layout table to the desired dimensions of the webpage, draw a layer for the image, and then another layer for the swf movie. This took care of the formatting issue.

Was there a better way to achieve this?

Second problem--Since I'm no longer using tables, I don't know how to assure that my content will be centered in every browser at every resolution. I tried using the HTML version of wrapper, but had no success.

The site is here (http://www.swamiyo.com/Docwalkersideshow.html).