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02-06-2006, 10:46 PM
When trying to insert a picture into a table area in DW, the image always moves off to the left and not into the area selected. Why is this, I can set it as a background image but it tends to move around a lot. What is the corret way to insert a photo in a certain place.

Also, does anyone have any good links into learning CSS, I have designed a couple of sites using tables, but would like to try CSS.

Any help would be great

Creative Insanity
02-07-2006, 05:15 AM
Yeah here, Mike is excellent with those maybe he can offer help.

02-07-2006, 01:54 PM
Are you putting the image into its own cell, or just in with other objects in the same cell?

Image should go into its own cell, with cell specific width & height same as image.

Learning css:

These will get you started..