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01-28-2006, 03:17 AM
I don't even know where to begin, I'm desperate for help quick. Here is the site I was working on, before my entire life decided to fall apart - http://home.bellsouth.net/p/PWP-nofx1728 . Everything was going great, my site looked exactly how I wanted it too (or so I thought so), everything was lining up right, and then I asked my friend to check it out to tell me what he thought. KABOOM, this site is going down quick, and I don't know how to save it. Where do I begin? Lets start with the top - this is a flash file originally 800x50, currently at 1380x50. On my computer everything was perfect.. I just checked it out on my laptop after my friend told me about the problems.. sure enough this thing is not where I want it. This thing is centered at the top of the page (even though I have aligned set to left.) In netscape it doesn't even play. I would like it to line up at the top left edge, let the animation play in the viewing area, and then depending on screen size have the blue colored back ground continue until the page ends. No clue how to accomplish this.. but I'm just getting started..so lets move on. Next is a gradient bar that goes across horizontal. This was lining up fine, now it's not. At least not in Firefox. Next comes the logo. The Logo is a transparent Image, that I would like to stay at the very center of the viewing area at all times - impossible for me to accomplish currently. As I said this is a transparent image, so the background of the page should be showing.. well the background of the page is an image.. which is a gradient color of an orangish color. On my screen it shows it.. on every other screen.. its white. No clue why. Next comes that gradient bar again.. doesn't line up in firefox. Next comes a horizontal drop down menu that is made from Hmenu (not skilled enough to create these on my own yet.) Was lined up perfectly on my computer originally sized at 800x50, not lining up on any other computer. Changed the dimmensions on this to 1380x50.. that didn't help either. Would like "Our Firm" to line up on the left side of the page.. currently it's centered.. in dreamweaver I have it set to 100% width. Next, on the left there are two images stacked on top of each other, trying to make a curved text box look. Was working fine.. if you view it on other browsers there are gaps between the two images. Then theres the body of the page.. which isn't finished.. but at the moment just contains some random text. This gradient orangish color should be coming through.. but again this is white, and the tables got all messed up.. even though they look fine inside Dreamweaver. I'm desperate for some help here, and I'm begging for someone to explain how I can fix this site.. before I have to trash it. If I do trash it however.. I don't know where I went wrong.. so I don't know how I'll ever create a website. So if anyone can lend there knowledge on how I can save my site... please offer it, as I said I'm extremely desperate.



Creative Insanity
01-28-2006, 08:13 PM
On your corner image you have the following:

That should be:


I am picking for the gap to the side image your problem is one of these lines:
<p align="left" class="style1"> </p>
<p align="left"><span class="style1">

</span></p> </td>

I suspect the first one. Try removing that line and see if the gap goes away.
Also you have a lot of

in that frame and you need none for the effect you are trying to create.
All the rest looks as you discribed you wanted it.

01-28-2006, 08:48 PM
What browser are you using? When I preview in netscape and firefox it is still messed up pretty bad. Also, are you seeing the orange gradient.. or is the background white?



Creative Insanity
01-29-2006, 01:02 AM
FF and the BG is white and quite frankly I think it looks good as white and would look nasty orange.