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01-27-2006, 11:30 PM
Hello - I am trying VERY HARD to abandon FrontPage for obvious reasons and need to convert over to Dreamweaver MX for new designs.

The immediate task I need to accomplish is to create an image gallery of about 100 pages with 4-6 thumbnails images on each page. When thumbnails are clicked I would like them to pop up with the larger image in a fitted windows with a small border.

I understand that a database backend to this gallery is the preferred method particularly since we also want to implement a site search but I am not sure how to accomplish this and I am on a tight deadline.

I am the root admin to a dedicated Windows 2003 Server with IIS 6 / ASP / PHP and MySQL.
My experience is basically with installing and configuring open source software that automatically sets up the DB etc. I can manually create a database, I am not sure what to do from there.

I would be VERY GREATFUL for any help and perhaps some basic steps on how to approach/achieve this

Thanks - Jody

01-28-2006, 01:24 AM
There are 2 schools of thought about using a database for images. One is storing the images themselves in digital format as BinaryLargeObject. The other school says store your images as jpg, with the path to the images stored in the database. I think the latter is less trouble and easier to deal with.

Next thing is do you make the tumbnails and upload them with the images or create them dynamically? PHP comes with two image processors, one is imagemagik and the other GD. I have seen more people using imagemagik than GD. There are processes that will dynamically create a thumbnail from the images that you upload, but usually end up making a thumbnail that is stored on the server anyway.

you database might include a table that has the path to the thumbnail, along with a field for keywords that can be searched ie:


You would then be able to display the thumnails on a page using a record set that retrieves the path to the thumbnail, and a repeat region to display how ever many per page. Then a dynamic link to open the full size thumb.

There are many ways to do all this and I am sure the knowledgeable folks here will all weigh in.

Another option is getting one of the open source Gallery packages that are available.

There is also a nice tutorial on this site here: