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01-26-2006, 01:52 AM
Guys, i am a newbie and im making a do-it-yourself website to save money.

Im using Dreamweaver 8 for the pages and photoshop cs2 to optimize the images.

I use firefox and IE6 to preview my work and i use an AMD machine.

My problem seems to be that my page is too wide. In firefox all the the content, although visible on the screen, the horizontal scroll bar appears because of a big blank space on the right side. But in IE6 its worse, half of my page is on the not visible right side and i have to scroll to see it and the columns are too wide, cant seem to resize them in DW coz if i resize 1 column other columns would resize themselves.

Anyway because im new at this and i cant really explain in technical terms what i think my website's bugs are, I would appreciate it if you guys can check out www.home-investment.com first in firefox, or other similar browers, then in IE and im sure you will notice the problem.

Thanks in Advance


Creative Insanity
01-26-2006, 03:26 AM
Well I use 1280x1024 and no side scrolls.. so lowered to 1024x768 and no side scrolls. So I lowered again to 800x600 (man that is an UGLY size) and a small side scroll appeared. If it was my site I personally wouldn't bother about it as not many left at 800x600 anyway.

But if it bugs you it is easy to resize the tds that are blank.

Click inside the cell you want to resize and then in the properties panel look for a box with a W beside it and enter in there the size you want. 1 is the lowest you can go.