View Full Version : A problem of layers..

01-22-2006, 08:18 AM

Im currently creating a page where Im hoping to make some text appear inside a box on a certain place on the page when the visitor scrolls his mouse over a certain picture. Since the picture is located in another place than the box, I figured I'd use layers to create this effect.
My problem is that my layout needs to be centered so that it will appear horizontally in the middle of all sizes of browser windows (I do this by centering the <body> tag). However, since layers are alligned relative to the borders of a page, they will have different positions (horizontally) relative to my box depending on the size of the browser window my site is viewed in. Is there any way to bypass this problem and make my layer stay in its box whatever the size of the browser window?? (I would for example guess that I either could try to center the layer as well, or fix it relative to a picture or something on my page rather than the borders of a page, but I don't know how to achieve any of this.)

If this cannot be solved, a second possibility is to create the same effect in another way if anyone have any good suggestions as to how..