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12-26-2005, 06:17 PM
I've built a few basic html pages in the past. I am now cutting my teeth on Javascript and CSS. What I am hoping is to find a mentor to show me the ropes of basic DW site construction and the implementation of CSS and javascript functions. I've got an LLC that needs its webpage up ASAP. Online mentoring is fine, but I would prefer to sit down face-to-face here in Phoenix, AZ. I am willing to pay for food and a resonable amount of beverages.

Basic stupid questions like:

Can I add CSS to an already existing html page?
or Do I have to start with a CSS style page and then create the html page?

Most of the tuturials are broad and over-vague. Random fumblings have never been my style. Read the instructions first, then apply knowledge. (I know I'm asking for it on that one).


Thank you all and DW Rocks!

Creative Insanity
12-26-2005, 07:50 PM
Yes you can add a CSS to an excisting page of any script type.
You will need to add the classes from the css for where you want them if no names or IDs have been assigned to the excisting pages.
You can use TD in a CSS file which will make all your TDs as per the CSS file.
MC would be the best here on DW for CSS info, maybe RJ as well.

12-28-2005, 10:49 AM
hi and welcome Noesis

01-01-2006, 03:17 PM
Welcome Noesis

First you have to understand the difference between HTML and CSS

HTML is the content and structure of your web page
It is where all the content is located and structured with HTML tags like H1, UL, DIV, etc.

CSS is the "styling" of the page.
In the CSS file you tell the browser that H1 is using this font, in this size and colour,
that div id content has a 1 pixel red border with a font of this style and size etc

By keeping a CSS file in a separate file from the actual HTML file and just linking to it,
all your pages that link to the CSS file will look consistent. You can look at a CSS file as a template file for the style of all your pages.

If you have any questions on how to do this, ask away.