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12-25-2005, 12:24 AM
Hello folks,

I'm working with DW4 and php4 to build a small web application. I'm using php to call dreamweaver files as a template and putting tags in the dw.htm files that are populated by php routines. This works great if the templates are put to the server in the same folder as the php files. When I put the templates in another folder then the image paths never align because the "running" location of the *.htm is different from its physical location.

Its important to the application that the templates get stored in their own folders because I'm using different versions of them stored in their own folders to brand the interface for my clients.

Additionally, I want to use relative paths so that the images will cache on the client. If you use absolute paths they will be reread every time a page is loaded making the entire site seem slower than it has to.

In DW4 there seems to be only 2 methods that are offered to resolve links during a put, and those are absolute from the root and relative to the file. Neither are working for what I'm trying to do.

Finally, if I make changes to the files manually then they lose the connection to the DW template that is created (I don't really understand this connection anyway).

Any suggestions are welcome.

Creative Insanity
12-25-2005, 04:12 AM
I'm working with DW4
Sorry been ages since I have used version 4.. wow that is so old now.