View Full Version : Yahoo Merchant site with Dreamweaver

10-27-2005, 09:10 PM

I'm familiar with static websites and am new to e-commerce websites. I'm also fairly comfortable with Dreamweaver/Fireworks etc., and would like to use them to build my yahoo store.

Can I have your tips/suggestions for how I go about it ? I'd like to use the yahoo tools like catalog manager, checkout manager etc for the backend, but am not happy with the features that Yahoo provides(for the front-end design). I'd like to use DW/FW for the look&feel, but stick with Yahoo for the rest of the website. (For eg. I'd like to create drop down navbars/popup menus)

I'd like to avoid any proprietary Yahoo stuff(like RTML) if thats possible, but at the very least, I'd atleast like to avoid using Yahoo for the front-end.

Anyone thats done this, pls fill me in. I'm reading up on the Yahoo extension for DW and how it can be used to update the Catalog Manager and so forth. But I'd love to hear from people that are using tools like Adobe GoLive, MS FrontPage or Dreamweaver(with Yahoo Merchant solutions).

Any insights will be appreciated. Thanks !