View Full Version : A nightmare thats comeback to haunt me

10-27-2005, 03:45 PM
a long long time ago in a not so distant galaxy i decided to muck around in Dreamweaver. I was off on the sick for a while so decided to fire up the Hallowed web creation tool

Caution! do not muck around in DW while in the mists of a fever.

I now know what Dr Frankenstein felt when he fired up those electrodes and his monster came to life.

it was an interesting project which was never intended to be released into the wild BUT....!
a friend called by and we got chatting and his interest rose. He asked if he could borrow my example for Training purposes (i gave him the beast on disk!!)

over the years we lost touch and i never heard from him again

I googled the site today and its there!!!!!!!! in all its glory (no taking the P*ss !)

The sad thing is he is paying for hosting it and has been for many years. He Obviously pays his subs to keep the darn thing alive...

No small children beyond this point!
wear eye protection at all times!
and DONT whatever you do (at your own risk) dare to view source and gaze upon the JAVASCRIPT!

This site may only work in IE

DO NOT FEED THIS ANIMAL ('http://www.atmospheric-conditions.co.uk/')

Be scared...Be very scared! :ph34r:

Creative Insanity
10-27-2005, 07:00 PM
No small children beyond this point!
Damn.. that counts me out LOL.

Pretty cool david. Doesn't work in FF like you said.. shows up fine untill you click a button and that crashed the text box and it goes ta ta. Still pretty good though.