View Full Version : This is a scream!

Creative Insanity
10-13-2005, 09:20 PM
Ok was creating a site and was all done and so I thought I would test it all out before I sent the clients an updated preview.

All seemed cool until I tested the logins and for some reason no matter who I logged in as it would take me to the www root of the site instead of the logged in users portal.
So I checked all the scripts again and they seemed fine.. so tested again and was STILL going to the www root.
So I checked the database, which was fine and still going to root.
So redone the login script again and tested, and was still going to root.

As you can imagine by this time I was going nuts and chain smoking trying to figure out what the hell was going on here.
So I tested all the scripts again for both the portal file and the login file and they all looked fine (paid close attention no ; were missing, you know about that error ah guys LOL). But was STILL going to root.

A few fags later I thought I would see if the users portal folders were there and yes they were, BUT there was an index.html file which was a redirect to (yeah you guessed it) the www root! LOL
I always upload them to all directories for security reasons but never to user portal directories, but for some reason this time I did.. daaa.. so that silly error costs me a pack of fags and about 2 hours LOL