View Full Version : Fireworks --> Dreamweaver Local Links

10-12-2005, 03:58 PM
I can reproduce this problem with ease.

I create a small graphic in Fireworks 8 with a SLICE and add Simple Rollover Behavior (frame2 image). When this slice is clicked I want to display another page, say test.htm. I click the slice (still in Fireworks), and open the Assets;URL panel. I then add my URL name in the link box. Now I export everything from Fireworks, HTML, images and slices. Now open this folder/site up in Dreamweaver 8. I open the page that was just generated in Fireworks and all looks great. If I click on my linked slice, I can see in the properties inspector that my link is in fact pointing to test.htm. Now F12 to view page, click on link and nothing happens. I go back to Dreamweaver and reestablish the link manually by using 'point to file' method to select my test page. Again, all seems ok, until I display the page...the link does not work, any of the links.

If Ido all this in Fireworks/Dreamweaver MX, it works just as I expect and has always in the past. I can not get this to function properly in 8. Any suggestions?

Has anyone had this problem? Is there something different about 8? This is standard stuff.

I also posted this in the Dreamweaver Forum.