View Full Version : How to make a "pencil outline" of image in PS ?

10-12-2005, 04:17 AM
Hello everyone
I have a photo of a beach, and i want to make a sort of outline / pencil sketch of a plam tree that sticks out of the sand.
does anyone know off hand any favourite tricks in PS ? i have been trying tonight but couldnt find want i wanted.

Creative Insanity
10-12-2005, 04:28 AM
You can play with these 2 options.

Filter -> Artistic
Filter -> Sketch

10-12-2005, 11:55 AM
yes thanks a lot for the reply.
i already dabbled with those last night .....i want to use this palm tree as the image for a preloader. so it has to be only in outline and sort of hollowed out if you know what i mean.
anyway, i'll keep twiddling.

10-12-2005, 03:12 PM
i asume that the palm tree is in its own layer

select the palm tree layer and add Stroke Layer Style (decide how you want your stroke to look)

now use menu

Image >Adjustments >Hue/Saturation

adjust Lightness to +100 (Image will turn white) click OK

create a dulicate palm tree layer (right click layer and select duplicate)

Now link both layers and merge the two layers into 1 (this will fix the stroke to the image)

select the wand tool and select the white inside the palm tree shape and delete which will remove the white inside the palm tree shape.

you should have an outline shape of a palm tree

10-12-2005, 11:17 PM
thanks a lot for that detailed tip davidj, i will get on to it soon enough.
this palm tree, i started to try to "extract" it from the beach to place on its own layer. no joy so far. what's the best way to select this object ? (y'know, it has fine branches etc which makes using the magnetic lasso impractical.

10-13-2005, 09:17 AM
im afraid its down to patients and a steady hand

if you use the lasso tool to roughly cut out your palm tree and then paste the copy to its own layer.

then use zoom to work on a small area and use the wand, lasso (not magnetic), erasure tools to get rid of unwanted pixels

take your time and it will look ok. Remember to release the mouse button regularly coz if you make a mistake your history list may take you back too far and you may loose some time, work and allot of patients

Creative Insanity
01-19-2006, 10:46 PM
The pen tool is your friend!