View Full Version : Dreamweaver Voting Poll

09-28-2005, 11:54 PM
Hi im new to Dreamweaver, ive just started college and we are using Dreamweaver for our Web Design.

My Question is how do i go about making a Voting Poll. The idea is i want to have about 7 radio buttons and when they click the command button it goes to a new page with a list of stats on how they've voted.

I dont want anything fancy, just a simple voting poll. :huh:

09-29-2005, 04:02 AM
http://www.webthang.co.uk/tuts/tuts_dmx/dm...l/dmx_poll1.asp ('http://www.webthang.co.uk/tuts/tuts_dmx/dmx_poll/dmx_poll1.asp')

09-29-2005, 10:30 PM
cheers mate