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09-08-2005, 12:06 AM
New to DW and to the forum,
I would like to convert from using Fpage to DW, I have been watching tutorials on Lynda.com however I am a little confused about setting up my site in DW. I have a site server running IIS on a local LAN and although I do have the extensions loaded for FP, I do not believe that I have used any of them.Due to FP's quirks I first had to set up the directory structure on the server, I would then open the site FP from a mapped drivemake changes ans save. I would like clean up my act by learning the correct way to use DW to create, manage and update my site from within DW in files an assets. In reading the help file in DW it mentions several ways to create a site, I am lost as which I should choose. Being on a LAN and the files reside on a server:
1.Should I choose for it to create a local directory or edit directly on server?
2 The wizard prompts for a remote folder to store files in , I do not want to mess up the directory structure already in place.
3.When using FP I did not set up a site however i did not enjoy all the functionality of site maps, editing offline etc.

Please help and thanks in advance! Look forward to learning DW!

09-08-2005, 09:59 AM
Hya and welcome,

I will give you some links to read. first create a folder on your desktop then put everything in that folder you want on your site. once that is done open Dreamweaver.

Go to 'site' new site and fill everything in. after which look to your right and click 'files' you will then see all thats in your 'desktop' folder. this is also where you will delete from that folder. do not delete outside of Dreamweaver. do not go to your desktop where the folder is and delete. you simply in Dreamweaver in file view right click 'delete'.

From my site: FTP video:

http://mmchats.breezecentral.com/p55685530...kip-survey=true ('http://mmchats.breezecentral.com/p55685530...kip-survey=true') the lesson is for one hour. may need Quicktime.

From Macromedia: migrate from Frontpage to Dreamweaver 1 - 16 pages. obviously I cannot bring 16 pages domedia would take a duck fit..lmaoooo

If you need more help please ask one of us.