View Full Version : Flash Juke box or ..

09-03-2005, 07:37 AM
I want to add a juke box to my band's web site that will play some tracks we have when a viewer views the site. On some other sites, I see they have a frame page set up to keep the item in the header. That is fine. I need some pointers how to make such a thing. I do have flash but I did not see any object in there pre made to work this. Any suggestions would be great.

site is at http://www.inquisitorbetrayer.com ('http://www.inquisitorbetrayer.com')
You can see I use jamroom now to allow viewers to pick it out. Under the flash test pages is a simle flash item someone sent me for a example but it has no use other than a cool item that play a synth track that I can't change.