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09-02-2005, 07:30 AM
Hello, i used dreamweaver MX during last times, and now i use dreamweaver Mx 2004.

I use this kind of include virtual in my projects <!--#include virtual="/perito/ssi_cabecera.html" -->. In Dreamweaver MX when i did F12 preview, i could see the page with the includes executed, so the content of the includes was visible, like in design view, but now, in Dreamweaver Mx 2004 when i do F12 pro preview, i donīt see include vritual content anymore. A real problem for me.

I donīt have/use a server for testing, i always work with F12 (temp files), i am designer so i like seeing this way. Programmers later use my htmls and they display them with php files, so my method for seeing how is my work is F12...

In dreamweaver mx using temp file i can see the include virtuals, and the code in temp file is like the code behind this reply.

But in dreamweaver mx 2004 when i hit f12, the include virtuals are not executed, nor displayed, and itīs a big problem for me, because i dont use testing servers, i only focus in design.

This is code shows how dreamweaver mx executes my include virtuals in order to be seen in f12 preview with temp file(But dreamweaver mx 2004 does not do it, he doesnīt touch code):

<MM:BeginLock translatorClass="MM_SSI" type="ssi_comment" orig="%3C!--#include virtual=%22ssi_menu_expediente_lateral.thtml%22 --%3E" fileRef="/aseguradora/ssi_menu_expediente_lateral.thtml" depFiles="file://///Des_10/olabe_cvs/olabe/www/plantillas/aseguradora/ssi_menu_expediente_lateral.thtml">