View Full Version : Background photoalbum and bgcolor button

08-23-2005, 06:15 PM
I've created a photoalbum with commands/create web photoalbum. The first page with all the tumbs is OK. But I have some problems with the pages that open when you click on a pic. I've changed the background of each pic and saved it. But after uploading it, it changed back into the original layout (white with the name in black).

What did I do wrong?
Or how can I set things that every page (that opens when you click a pic) has the same layout without changing every page manual?

The other problem that I have is the backgroundcolor of the buttons. While creating the buttons I've changed the bgcolor every time in black. After uploading the page and buttons to the server, the bgcolors turns white.
What did I do wrong here?

You can see the problem on www.jeespecialpaint.tk - foto's - motoren

Thanks for helping !!!