View Full Version : CSS images editing - help, please

08-23-2005, 12:53 AM
I'm learning Dreamweaver and good web design, so bear with me please.

I'm having a little difficulty with CSS and images.
I've looked at the CSS from a few templates, and the images are linked in the xhtml by the CSS, so they appear in the browser as background images.

My question is how can I edit these images easily from within Dreamweaver? In HTML, it was easy to right click the image and 'edit with...'(my case Photoshop), but this doesn't seem possible in CSS, as there is nothing to select.
Sure, I can look at the CSS directly and find the image - but the code doesn't give any visual reference to the image in the page just background: url(images/footer00.gif), and with a page full of images this can take a long time.
I'd like to learn more CSS, but it seems that using tables will be much simpler and quicker - at least I would be able to select an image, and Dreamweaver would show the code.

Any advice?

08-28-2005, 05:04 AM
Dreamweaver and Fireworks were made to work together. Kind of like peas and carrots (apologies to Forrest Gump). If you've got Fireworks installed and have the graphics highlighted, you can edit the file with an easy switch back and forth - Fireworks will even let you export it right back to DW.

If you've set your linking up correctly in the CSS, then go to your "images" folder of your site and you'll see the image in the assets panel. then use Explorer to edit the file in PhotoShop, not as fast but it still works. You'll have to hit refresh in DW, but you'd have to do that anyway.

Hope that helps.