View Full Version : dHRML AP scrollable area alignment problem

08-21-2005, 09:28 PM
I have used dHTML scrollable layer ('http://www.z3roadster.net/dreamweaver/') and am having some browser problems. (examples are below questions)

I'm wondering if anyone can help with either of these browser issues:
A. Safari - They work great (Example 3 ('http://www.nedquarters.com/pages/press_pages/press_2004diw.html')) except when there are pictures (Example 1 ('http://www.nedquarters.com/pages/press_wcp.html')) which I used CSS to align them to the left and have text flow around. And on Example 2 ('http://www.nedquarters.com/pages/press_pages/press_aprilbuzz.html') the images don't show up at all.

B. Explorer. Same as above but now the entire layer aligns to the left of the page instead of where I put it! (the worst offender of all)

Netscape: nothing wrong. Works great. I don't get it. Images do show up on Example 2.

All examples are on the "Press" Page (excuse the frames). Fifth button from the left - top of page. outside of frames ('http://www.nedquarters.com/pages/press_pages/press_2004diw.html')

2003 September West Coast Performer - cover article
6th article down
link outside of frames ('http://www.nedquarters.com/pages/press_pages/press_wcp.html')

Bay Area Buzz March/April 2003
5th article down
link outside of frames ('http://www.nedquarters.com/pages/press_pages/press_aprilbuzz.html')

DIW Issue #17 2004 -Article
4th article down
link outside of frames ('http://www.nedquarters.com/pages/press_pages/press_2005diw.html')

If more information is needed I am happy happy happy to give it. Please ask and check back - I will provide it. I'm desperate! Also, if you see any other problems (sheesh!) feel free to let me know - I'm obviously new and self-taught.