View Full Version : Combining two seperate slices from Fireworks

08-12-2005, 03:16 PM
Okay so I have 2 sets of slices, saved in seperate .png files in Fireworks, and I export all of these slices. Now I have the page currently configured so Slice Set A appears nicely, just the way it is supposed to. However, I also want Slice Set B to appear RIGHT underneath it, seamlessly, so it seems that the whole thing is one image, and one cell of a table, when it is actually 2.

What I have tried: adding a new table underneath the table created by Fireworks, which adds a 1 or 2 pixel break. :( adding a new cell in the same table, which appears to have that seamless effect, but TOTALLY throws the other images around the page
Any idea whay snippets of code I need to get rid of the padding in between two tables, or any other ideas that would work!? I'm desperate! :unsure: :unsure: