View Full Version : Help With PoP Up window

08-04-2005, 09:29 PM
Hi there!:)
I just finished a site for a Christian women's speaker, but I'm having some problems with a few things that I'm not familiar with.
I have a word doc that she provided, I turned into HTML and imported into Dreamweaver. Then I thought I had set it to open in new browser window when clicked, but I've obviously done something incorrectly.
Here's the site, if anyone can take a second, and look at the speakers page, it's the "statement of faith" link..( this is just a client, so PLEASE ...... site design help only. I'm way to tired to fend off religious ....whatever.:) www.KathyMeier.com
PS...I just saw that the word calendar is mispelled on the same page, so I'm going to redo that now, but ANY help on this upload would be so great!
Thank you eeevvvaaaahhh so much~