View Full Version : Image is re-sizeing when exported from FW to DW

08-03-2005, 03:30 PM
Hi all,

Im making a site using both Fireworks and Dreamweaver. Now when i take an im age that i want to slice up in FW all is well...then when i export to DW, the asset increases by 1 pixel all around!

The image fits perfectly (obviously) on the site but if i try to add any slices to it and then export...this happens. Its throwing the rest uf the UI outta place. Ive tried changing the dimensions of the table but im locked out and it gives me a message about the table being smaller than the target size and thus wont do the function.

What i dont understand is why FW wont export it properly or is it DW being a bit weird?...im vexxed by it to be honest. The dims of the window im trying to edit are W-645 H-393...but when i edit that window in FW then export...the dims change to W-646 H-394.

many thanks if u can shed light on this..ive included some screen caps...your looking for the bottom gold coloured rail. it changes when any kind of slice is made or converting it to a html file.



08-03-2005, 05:12 PM
sorry...i didnt think it was a predominantly Fireworks problem.