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07-26-2005, 05:35 PM
Hi, I'm new to these forums.

Some background: I'm mainly a graphic artist that learned HTML for my first web site, then Dreamweaver because the organization I work for adopted it. It's a great program. I've built and maintained 3 sites but have not managed a site for over 7 months. My skill and expertise is shaky because I've never done this full time and there are large gaps of time between my web site work and other things I do.

Now I'm in a new job that contracts out the website to a guy that uses Front Page. Frankly, the site doesn't look very good. I have Dreamweaver here and like it. I have heard bad things about Front Page (extra unecessary code etc). I'd rather stick with Dreamweaver for the pages they're asking me to design and send to him.

My question: Can you link Dreamweaver pages to a Front Page site? I know I could turn the Front Page site to DW, but I don't have that option (or time for it) at this time. I have contacted the Front Page webmaster but haven't heard back yet. I'm also reluctant to insult him because what I've heard about Front Page from pros.

What do you think? Ever had this problem?


07-26-2005, 05:55 PM
Dreamweaver and Frontpage are both HTML editors. Keyword here is HTML. The job of both these editors is to cough out HTML code.

Both these editors can be used to produce bad code as well as good code, depending on the expertise of the designer.

Since the product of both these editors is HTML (good or bad) browsers will read and interpret the code (correctly or incorrectly). The browser has no idea which editor produced the code.

What this means is your dreamweaver pages and your guys frontpage can co-exist in a single site and these pages can be interlinked. Simple to no problems will crop up if you open up his frontpage generated pages in dreamweaver and vice-versa.

07-26-2005, 06:08 PM

You're absolutely right. I hadn't thought it through.

Thanks for your help!