View Full Version : editable area shifts template cells when entering

07-25-2005, 01:24 AM
Hello eveyone...

1. I need a bit of advice. I have built a template, so there is a bar running along the top with links and such, and as well a bar running down the left side with links and such as well. There is as well a bar that runs along the bottom which is decorative.

Here is my problem: The editable area is in the middle of the table. So when I press enter a few times (for example) the table of course shifts down and grows. Then the cells in the template along the left side begin to stretch and it all messes up.

How do I create an editable space which can elongate on the right, while making certain the left template section remains the same, with perhaps a solid colour cell that elongates and NOTHING ELSE!

I know it must be pretty simple, let me know!

2. I also have a second question... There is a text box in the template where the text is editable... but when I try to have it repeated in the rest of the pages it cannot... how do I convert an editable area to a template area so it can be repeated on every page?

3. Do you know of any FREE download Dreamweaver instruction videos besides Lynda.com?