View Full Version : How is this hover-over trick done?

07-24-2005, 07:11 PM
I have Dreamweaver MX2004, but cannot figure out if I can do this in Dreamweaver, or if it is some more sophisticated piece of coding or CSS or what.

Can somebody take a look at the link below and then under "Browse" on the left of the page, if you hover the mouse over any of the categories i.e. "A/V Accessories" you will notice that the word changes colour from dark grey to light grey, and the box behind it changes from light grey to dark grey.

Also, notice how the background only changes directly behind the word, it doesn't fill the whole box, I would prefer if the whole box changed, i.e. you can hover over the space after the word too; on the same link, if you hover over the buttons along the top you get an automatic drop down box, in which you can hover over any part of the box and it all changes.

If anyone can tell me how this is done, or point me to a tutorial I will be absolutely thrilled and more grateful than you will believe as even my web designer can't do it, he says it's complex java.

I am okay with Dreamweaver, but no expert, just basic HTML skills and not much more so go easy.


https://www.savastore.com ('https://www.savastore.com')

Thanks a lot guys.