View Full Version : Test looks different in browser

07-20-2005, 11:40 PM
Apologies uf this has already been discussed.

I am running DW3 and I have created pages with Layers in the with set widths.

I have type Courier New for my text to look like a film script.

To add to the effect, I have added a background GIF which looks like a page from a notepad (with faint blue ruled lines on it).

I modified the GIF so the lines match perfectly with the text spacing ... BUT...

when I look at the page in IE the text spacing is different, making the text not sit on the faint ruled lines on the GIF.

And another thing... can I fix the size of the font to stop the user enlarging/reducing the font size with the CTL-scroll wheel of their mouse?

Any assistance would be appreciated. I can send anyone a copy of the GIF and a page if it helps, I don't have it on a site yet.