View Full Version : Morning :)

07-20-2005, 06:47 AM
Morning all (its 1:44 am here)

I am really new to all this type of stuff, literally just started really reading anything on dreamweaver about a week ago or so. I am looking to hopefully soon get into making something *very* basic to create a personal site for me to showcase my work and what not... (doing digital art work and so on, basically a online portfolio of sorts)

Well i am have been going through some PDF stuff i got from a friend, which is showing me how to go through the process of setting up something basic. Anyway, i went looking for some more help just in case i needed it and stumbled on this site here. Hopefully it will be all the help i need.

Also curious if anyone knows anything off hand which could probably help me out, as i need pretty much all the help i can get right now. :)