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07-17-2005, 02:26 AM
Ok, I'm new here, so I think a background of my own is in order. I've got 1 years experience working with Dreamweaver, and going on 2 years with photoshop. I'm only 15, so my stuff is limited by what I could teach myself. So a lot of my stuff is very un-professional looking. The purpose of this site is to help keep my Youthgroup up-to-date with events and calendar things, and also minister to people looking for a Church who have teenagers.

Right now, the original site has the URLwww.studentaxis.com ('http://www.studentaxis.com')but I went with a complete overhaul of the design and have landed on what is inside www.studentaxis.com/newlook.htm ('http://www.studentaxis.com/newlook.htm')

Now for my Question! :o
Obviously thats just a .Jpeg image, but in Photoshop its easy to overlap backgrounds and text like is shown there. When it comes to adding Tables to the mess, overlapping gets messy, and to me, downright awful! So, Is it do-able? Can I have the font overlap like that? And beyond Font, can I get pictures to do it If I needed them to for the Pictures section?

Thanks for any help!
In Christ,

07-18-2005, 02:51 PM
15 Huh, that's not bad.

For the new overhaul site I would do this. Get ride of the text in the middle, keep it off to the site. Make the center of the scroll 50% lighter, this will make it easier to read. Put the file in image ready and slice up your links and where you want the text probably just right of the polaroid. Also while you are at it I would make a slice of the polaroid. Then you can do a random images and every time somebody goes to your site that image changes. Basic HTML. Sorry tangent. After you make the center of the page lighter and slice it up, go the the slice window and input all of the links.

Save optimized.

Open the HTML file in Dreamweaver and you should see what you had in imageready. Go the the cell where you want the text. Delete that image and make a background image for that cell. Put the same image as the background and nobody's the wiser. Now because there is no image in that cell it's only a background image you can now type over it. This would make it easier to update, and since you are doing this for your Youth Group you can probably do without having a specific font. Try this. See if it work for you.

07-18-2005, 05:16 PM
Wow, incredible advice. I haven't put it in full effect yet, but I've started filing through pictures to make them change each visit. I have a few follow up Questions.

I honestly know zero about HTML :huh: ; originally I was the Photoshop guy, and that'd be what I did for the site, and I'd have someone who did know what they were doing put the HTML into it. He bailed, leaving me with dreamweaver and no clue what I was doing. So, swapping pics each visit is probably intensely easy HTML, but even that is out of my league. So could you explain that a little more? If you're busy, Its no biggy! Google hasn't let me down yet!!

The slicing I have done, and I just need to Save Optimized and fit the tables to it and I'm ready to go. Thanks so much for your advice!!!

In Christ,