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07-13-2005, 02:32 PM
Hello everyone.

I am building a site in Image Ready and Dreamweaver. When I've completed any new tweaks or additions, I choose "save optimized" in IR. It then asks me which slices I want to save over. Usually I choose all of them, and I imagine this is what's creating my loss of links in DW because I'm saving a fresh (unlinked) page. The "save over" dialog box always has every slice selected already. This seems very tedious for me to go through and deselect things I have not changed.

Personally, I don't know how to create the links in IR. I do however know how to in DW. I hope I'm making some kind of sence here.

Basically, I want to save my tweaked page without losing the active links in DW. I undersand there are other methods such as creating the whole site in DW, but that is not an option. I work so much more effeciently in IR.

How do I keep the links after saving optimized? Must I uncheck the slices that have links I want to keep when I'm asked to save over?

Thank you all.

07-18-2005, 02:42 PM
Starting off in Image Ready is good. That's what I do. I make a picture of the web site in PhotoShop then move into Image Ready then into Dreamweaver. Image Ready is great in the sense that it get's pictures ready for the web and get's the files size as small as it can without loosing any visual quality. Plus it is great if you are making a template for a site and want to make roll overs very easily and quickly.

While you are working in Image Ready there is a tool window 'Slice' after you make all of your slices select one. In the slice window you can choose where the link goes, if you want to open it in a new window, etc. When you save optimized Image Ready slices up your large image and then makes you and html file.

From there I place all of the images into my web site folder, open the html file in dreamweaver and make changes from there. As long as you only make changes in Dreamweaver you're set. Image Ready is not really an html editor. If you are just changing images then that will help you. Just make sure that the html file know which images go in which table cell. Or if you go back to Image Ready and a slice is linked to "www.mysite.com" and it is supposed to be linked to "www.yoursite.com" that you change the link before you update the site or you'll get 404 pages.