View Full Version : Inserting an .swf file on a picture

07-11-2005, 08:00 PM

I did this " MC " picture as an intro, then turned to Dreamweaver MX to add Flash object ( .swf ) . to the page . I manged to do all of that, but the final result I noticed that if the page was viewed in a browser ( IE 6 ) with a resolution 800600 - with normal view - not as a full screen - the page shows Perfect & every thing in its place . While if I show it as a full page the Flash object move from there place - side wise - & the same problem I get when I change the viewing res. to 1024768 it gets even worse

I guess & hope its a matter of anchoring- Fixing - the flash files to the dreamweaver when adding it . So does anyone know how to fix this problem . If I solve this problem I can go ahead to continue my Index , which has the same case . ! !

Here is what Iam talking about http://www.lebtec.com/mc.htm ('http://www.lebtec.com/mc.htm')

* tried to put that picture as a background : Modify > Page Properties > Background Image . but I get continuous replicas of the same image - filling the hole browser's view . ! ! well If I can manage to put that picture as a back ground & add the flash to it - FIXED .. no matter what the size of resolution , that would make my day .

I tried to fix that flash - after slicing the picture to that particular place but same result ! ! !

I hope I find an answer to this problem .
Thank You