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06-26-2005, 02:51 AM
Hello. Thanks to the creators for making a place to talk about Dreamweaver other than the Macromedia site. Nothing against the MM site, of course, but it's nice to talk outside of there sometimes too.

This site is really "pretty". Well done! is the home page set up w/ a CMS? if so, which one? i have never tried any content management systems yet, but i want to try it out soon. I like the look of this one, if in fact that is what you've got going here.

i'm the webmaster for the following sites (or pages where applicable), in chronological order, so you can see how my web and graphic design skill has progressed:
http://www.sonamusic.com/guitar.htm ('http://www.sonamusic.com/guitar.htm') (and some pages on www.sonamusic.com , although i did not design the Flash elements there) http://www.alleycatmusic.com ('http://www.alleycatmusic.com') http://www.e-nationmusic.com ('http://www.e-nationmusic.com') http://www.eastcoastbandnetwork.com ('http://www.eastcoastbandnetwork.com') http://www.dantesinc.com/calendarbody.htm ('http://www.dantesinc.com/calendarbody.htm') http://www.jrmangan.com ('http://www.jrmangan.com') (my first attempt at css styles... woo hoo!) http://www.crowbarlivemusic.com/gallery.htm ('http://www.crowbarlivemusic.com/gallery.htm') (and the subfolders there, including the embeded flash objects) http://www.mrhandrocks.com ('http://www.mrhandrocks.com') http://www.eastcoastbandnetwork.com/cfdocs/eureka_new.cfm ('http://www.eastcoastbandnetwork.com/cfdocs/eureka_new.cfm') (my first successful insert query!) :D
and, as marketing director, i'll soon be entering the world of ASP.NET (hence my IIS installation) when i set up some opt-in e-mail list forms, and software download protection for my new employers site here: www.intuitivecontrols.com

so, maybe you'll see more of me as i try to tackle that project. i hope to call this one of my new homes on the net.

thanks for reading. cheers!

06-26-2005, 04:20 AM
central PA ... cool ... i'm from Philly

06-26-2005, 02:59 PM
nice to meet you! have you been to state college?

06-26-2005, 05:39 PM
Welcome jsabarese, thanks for the kind words.

The homepage and this website is actually built around the forum design (invisionboard). There is no real CMS used for the article side of the website, just some php includes used for consistency of design.

Loved the attached photo. I played in bands in my 'youth'.. really miss it..

06-27-2005, 10:22 AM
Hi there. Thanks for the reply. Re: the picture-- that was a major part of my life for a long time-- about 16 years! i've only recently abandon the performing and band-lifestyle for a regular 9 to 5.

however, i've had an interest in web design since Al Gore invented the internet! (that's a joke, people). i maintained the site for my band so that's how i got involved and i just kept learning more and more. now i'm focusing on learning database driven sites and their archetechture. i'm excited that i have this marketing gig because i work alongside some pretty brainy mechanical and software engineers. i asked our main software guy about what i consider to be some fairly complex ASP.NET apps (as mentioned in my introduction) and he says "that's pretty easy to do", and he's a pretty cool, easy-goin' guy, so i'm sure i'll learn a lot while working there. can't say, as a former band-guy, that i necessarily enjoy working so closely w/ cops... hehe, but what the hell. i can always take the knowledge and experience elsewhere.

what i'd really like to do is get better at my overall design skill so that i can one day take on some clients and do some e-commerce sites. i have a friend who is really good at building web apps, and his design skill is pretty top-notch too. he claims that there's no money in web design anymore, but i disagree. if i agressively pursue clients, i believe that a good living could be made.