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06-26-2005, 02:29 AM
I use a few different hard drives for different, unique purposes. In addition to other unique uses, i also have different servers installed on them-- one per hard drive. I have ColdFusion, ApacheTriad, and IIS.

I've used Dreamweaver to FTP w/ success tons of times. I understand a fair amount about it, however this installation on my "IIS" hard drive will not fully connect when i manage my sites, or rather when i try to view the remote site, i was getting the "...unable to determine time of remote server..." error (i might not have that verbatim, but you have probably seen that error; know what i mean), then I realized it was the WinXP SP2 firewall issue. I discover it when I established a new site and the Security Center pop-up prompted me, so at that point i "unblocked" Dreamweaver, but i'm still experiencing dimished connectivity. I no longer get the aforementioned error, but DW is not showing my remote folder structure, so of course i'm unable to see the files to download and edit them. i set up the use of the ASP.NET "server technology" when i set up the first site, i did not set up anything special for the second site. I already had the files stored locally for the first site, before i set up the second site, but i was unable to upload the files due to the previously mentioned connection issue-- i don't know if i could successfully upload files to the second site now that i've unblocked DW in the XP Firewall, but i'm guessing i'd get the same connection error.

I'm able to FTP just fine both ways w/ WS_FTP, so my deduction is that the problem lies somewhere in my dreamweaver configuration. all i see in the remote file view is the very root of the remote server structure-- that is, i see no files, but only the location where i've connected.

DW seems as though it's going to connect, then I get the "server not responding" .. "waiting for server" pop up, then "...connecting to site...", then "server not responding" then it stops and i see the root directory as i mentioned above. (i haven't yet restarted my pc since i've unblocked DW because i'm in the process of encoded an AVI to Mpeg so i'll have to wait to try that, although i doubt it will change anything)

any ideas for how i might resolve this problem?

06-27-2005, 12:49 PM
You're not saying very much about DW version or host.
First I would make sure your DW is updated with latest patch. For some versions this has beena quick fix.

06-27-2005, 01:09 PM
hmm... maybe that's it. i have mx 2004. i haven't installed the 7.2 patch, or whatever that is. i'll try that later and report back.

i am using dw mx 2004 on xp sp2