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06-14-2005, 07:10 PM
A brief introduction. I'm Kevin and I live in Armagh City, Ireland. I am chair of my local writers groups and for my sins (and also because I was the only one who had access to Dreamweaver MX) I was asked to design a website for our group Armagh Writers Group the result was http://abcwritersnetwork.co.uk ('http://abcwritersnetwork.co.uk').

Originally we thought eight ten pages at most so it was easy to create one page from another - but now the monster has gotten out of control and I want to redo the site (I actually quite enjoy it :) ). This time, of course, I realize I have to use Templates.

Rather than rollovers I want to use the Flash buttons within Dreamweaver MX for my navigation buttons.

Let me try and explain where I am at.

I defined a new site to experiment with, then constructed an ordinary page. The page was very simple, a table - three rows by three columns and one layer.

Within that page, which I called draft.htm, I placed three Flash Buttons taken from Dreamweaver: insert > interactive media > Flash Button.

Because I had not yet formed the Template and created my index, two, and three pages I didn't use the link box in the 'Insert Flash Button Dialogue Box,' as there was nothing to link to at this stage.

Next I created the Template: File > Save As Template and gave it the name, trial.dwt. The layer I used as my only editable region.

After that I created my pages, (File > New > Templates >Create) for convenience sake I just called them index.htm, two.htm, and three.htm. The directory I have saved the pages in is : 'site - abc02 (F:\abc02)

To link the Flash Buttons I went to my Template page, double clicked on the home button, went to the link section, double clicked on the browse button and from the dialogue box selected *'/index.htm'.* In the 'Save As,' box at the bottom it reads save as* '../untitled/button1.swf.'*

Having selected index.htm (I've left everything else alone) and clicked either OK or Apply I received the following message: *'The Flash object cannot be created because document relative links will not work in all browsers if the Flash movie is not saved in the same Folder as the html document.'*

I have tried the Button Text as 'Review' and the Save As text as 'review.swf, ' I have tried index.htm and button1.swf* but to no avail I still get an error message.

I have also tried creating a new folder and placing all the .htm files and all the .swf files in it but again that gives no joy.

I'm assuming I have to do the initial linking from within the Template page but I can't figure it out, it seems all to do with paths and to be quite honest up to now word-processing was my limit. Am I allowed to screeeeem on this board

At this stage I'm seriously thinking of returning to rollovers and spending more time getting them right - but I would love to have Flash!

Any help or advice welcomed and sorry to ramble, I just wanted to put down as much detail as possible

06-14-2005, 10:56 PM
When linking to your swf files you have to use absolute paths.
E.G. http://abcwritersnetwork.co.uk./swffiles/index.swf ('http://abcwritersnetwork.co.uk./swffiles/index.swf')

When using templates, it is very difficult to use relative paths, much easier to use absolute as above.