View Full Version : New to WebDesign & DW?

06-09-2005, 07:29 AM

I am a new to WebDesign & Dreamweaver!

Can anyone tell me how I can achieve this kind of table effect http://www.trafficoasis.com/testimonials.htm ('http://www.trafficoasis.com/testimonials.htm')
Whenever I am trying it with Dreamweaver its now going on top row of the image. ?

Also see http://www.engineer-cec.com/index.php ('http://www.engineer-cec.com/index.php') as i really like the Table structure they have created ? How to use that kind of blue line into table. I tried it but i faced a lot of problem in aligning the table. All the layout uses to get disturb when i Press enter so every time i need to do Undo or Revert the document.

Also I seen so many nice fancy input text boxes How to create them ? The standard input type boxes in DW looks too ordinary,

Thank you.