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06-07-2005, 03:15 PM

I'm building a form in DW that is PHP controlled (mail).

However, I am having trouble with this delema! How can I make it easier for my client to indentify a question to an answer? E.g., here is a sample question: How old are you? (age values here).

Once my client receives the form answers via email, there are only answers but no question to match with the anwers. I already know it can be done with check boxes and radio buttons. However, can it be done with text fileds?


06-07-2005, 03:28 PM
Absolutely, how does your form action look now?

06-07-2005, 03:35 PM
http://www.wnybesthomes.com/sellers.php ('http://www.wnybesthomes.com/sellers.php')

As you see the question: Do you own acreage? I have a drop down with "yes" or "no". However, how do I know the question to the answer when it arrives in my mail box? Only "yes" or "no" will be there! I mean it does not take a genius to know the the question is: Do you own acreage? But, I'd like my client to see the simplicity!



06-07-2005, 03:39 PM
I need to see the script that generates the email, not the form itself.

06-07-2005, 03:42 PM
Below is the PHP script minus the email address!

include ("common/libmailer.php");
$m = new Mail ();

if (($_POST['name'] == "") || ($_POST['email'] == ""))
session_start ();
$return_array = array ( "name" => $_POST['name'], "email" => $_POST['email'] );

//print_r ($return_array);

session_register ("return");
$_SESSION['return'] = $return_array;
header ("Location: " . $_POST['source_page']);
// Now we want to ensure that a valid email address has been entered
$regexp =
$email = $_POST["email"];

$isvalid = 'Invalid_Email_address';
if (eregi($regexp, $email)){
// Valid looking address
$isvalid = 'Yes';

if ($isvalid != 'Yes') {
echo "ERROR - Oops! It seems that you have entered an invalid email address - I could never
contact you at $email

Please use your back button to return to the previous page and please complete the form! Thank you!
$baddata = 'BAD';
//took out email addresses
$m->Subject( $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']);
$break_character = "
$message = "Information request from www.wnybesthomes.com" . $break_character . $break_character . $_POST['name'] . $break_character . $_POST['address'] . $break_character . $_POST['city'] . ", " . $_POST['state'] . $break_character . $_POST['zip'] . $break_character . $break_character . $_POST['phone'] . $break_character . $break_character . $_POST['phone2'] . $break_character . $break_character . $_POST['comment'];
if ($_POST['01'] != NULL)
$message .= $break_character . $break_character .$_POST['01'];
if ($_POST['area_desired'] != NULL)
$message .= $break_character . $break_character .$_POST['area_desired'];
if ($_POST['type_of_home'] != NULL)
$message .= $break_character . $break_character .$_POST['type_of_home'];
if ($_POST['qualify'] != NULL)
$message .= $break_character . $break_character .$_POST['qualify'];
if ($_POST['acreage'] != NULL)
$message .= $break_character . $break_character .$_POST['acreage'];
if ($_POST['02'] != NULL)
$message .= $break_character . $break_character .$_POST['02'];
if ($_POST['03'] != NULL)
$message .= $break_character . $break_character .$_POST['03'];
if ($_POST['04'] != NULL)
$message .= $break_character . $break_character .$_POST['04'];
if ($_POST['05'] != NULL)
$message .= $break_character . $break_character .$_POST['05'];
if ($_POST['06'] != NULL)
$message .= $break_character . $break_character .$_POST['06'];
if ($_POST['07'] != NULL)
$message .= $break_character . $break_character .$_POST['07'];
if ($_POST['08'] != NULL)
$message .= $break_character . $break_character .$_POST['08'];
if ($_POST['09'] != NULL)
$message .= $break_character . $break_character .$_POST['09'];
if ($_POST['subject'] != NULL)
$message .= $break_character . $break_character .$_POST['subject'];

$m->Body( $message); // set the body
$m->Send(); // send the mail

header ("Location: " . $_POST['process_to']);


06-09-2005, 07:57 PM
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