View Full Version : how do i keep my tables from resizing?

06-06-2005, 04:41 PM
i'm trying to design a webpage in dreamweaver using tables. I don't know any css so i'm starting out with tables for my design work. i started off by making the lay out table the same demensions for my target screen resolution which is 800 x 600 fixed width , i then set no borders. i've added two more tables to contain images for the top of the webpage, both tables are 400 x 150. when i add my flash navigation bar which is 800 x 30 i figure everything should fit snug since nothing is wider than 800 pixels, but the layout table that contains everything keeps resizing and it's a pain to start shifting inside tables to get the layout table back to 800 x 600. i have also tried cells, rows and columns. how can i ensure that these tables won't resize on their own after i have sized them?

thanks in advance.

06-06-2005, 11:13 PM
Tables have a width attribute you can use <table width="750">
800 pixels wide is too much for a screen resolution of 800*600. Remember some of the width is already taken by the chrome in your browser. Use 750/760 pixels.

Any more help than that we need to see the actual code, guessing doesn't work well in technical questions :)

06-07-2005, 01:06 AM
thanks for the helpful tip i didn't know that you should not set the page demensions for the actual pixel width and hight. when i create the main table that contains everything i check fixed width and then set the desired width but the table resizes with the content instead of staying fixed. it's like playing a game of tetris that will never end because the side walls keep expanding adding extra space between the content instead of letting the inserted tables with the correct measurements fit snugly inside of the main table.

if i place to 400 by 400 pixel tables inside of an 800 by 400 table the table resizes to like 802 by 400. with two tables it's easy to fix, but when i add more content and the table resizes it's hard to resize it back.

i hope i'm being clear with my thoughts.

thanks again for the advice.