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06-01-2005, 10:32 PM
I have looked everywhere and only gotten a one responce which was over my head, so I will ask the question here and hope somone who has not seen the question will see it here.

I am developing a fansite for world of Warcraft and am having difficulties figuring out how to prevent the world from seeing an editing page for a specific user.

I have no problems securing the site per restriction levels, but I expect to have thousands of members and simply have no desire to have to individually set access levels to each and every members editing forms, as many members will have 3+ per account and as many as 30 or more.

So here are the steps:

Member creates account, heads over to the area to submit the form of chouce, fills it in..... Weeks later member comes back to check more checkboxes, enters data world views data.

I want only the member who originally submits the data to that form to have access to edit that specific form (outside of the site admin deleting the form from inactivity).

Doesn't matter to me if he/she has to enter in something at edit time or not, as long as that member is the ONLY one able to.

My database tables currently include the following in general:


Only 1 table
MemberID (Auto Incremented)

Database#2 (has 8 tables, each ranging from 10 to 200 checkboxes in the form)

+Profession+ID (Auto incremented) +profession+ changes per table
**followed by the checkbox field(s) data***

I currently have the site functional with all the forms to Submit data, it would be easier to make additions that wouldn't require a complete remake of the forms, but if neccesary I will redo them all to comply to requirements

Site address for viewing is http://www.morronesfxp.biz/~akinraze/ ('http://www.morronesfxp.biz/~akinraze/')

Feel free to submit a bogus account and bogus data per professions to get an idea of what I need, if you have questions, there is a QandA button at the top of the 1st page.

Enchanting is the only one of the professions not functioning properly at this time, I had to remake the whole profession last night, I forgot multiple items in the database and had to start fresh on it.

Thanks to anyone who can spell this out for me!! !! !!