View Full Version : Help making changes in Dreamweaver:(

05-27-2005, 05:30 PM
I'm having a difficult time with making changes in Dreamweaver. I've always been confused about" saving as template", and creating editable regions, because it seems like every time I do this, when I try to make changes, it tells me that the region isn't editable, yet when I go to the template, it says the region is already part of an "editable".
In this instance, I have a site up, and she wanted to make additions, so after I re-did her logo, I tried to insert it, (different size) into the templates, and re-place as newer..I kept getting messages that said that the template no longer has any editable regions, and if I update the pages, then I lose everything. I re-saved as a template, and the same thing happened. So I only did the logo on one page, however, now I can no longer connect to my "contact page". It thinks and thinks, and I can see that it's retrieving the logo jpg. rather then the page, even though the link shows it should be directed toward contact.html.....
I'm sorry if the babbling isn't making sense..., but it doesn't really make sense to me either.. any suggestions? When I view the local copy of "contact.html", but even after "replace with newer local", I'm still coming up with a wrong page...

ackkk...thanks :)