View Full Version : Help with insert.sql os x

05-24-2005, 04:20 PM

I need some help with the commands (MAC osx 1.3.9) necessary to add tables and records from the tutorial's insert.sql files.

I was able to create the database then logged out of mysql as instructed. The problem begins here...

(Btw the insert.sql file is in the Documents folder)

When I enter the

mysql -uroot TrioMotors < ~/Documents/insert.sql (use no password)

I get a

tcsh: mysql: Command not found.

More precisely it looks like this:

[myComputer:~] whatever% mysql -uroot Triomotors < ~/Documents/insert.sql
tcsh: mysql: Command not found.

I'm guessing I need to insert some command prior to the above command...

Thank you for your help