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05-19-2005, 08:43 PM
well, this is partly true.

i am building a very simple page. www.thevirtualtoursite.com

as of yesterday, any new images i put onto a page aren't shown in the preview F12. For example, on the home page above, today i added all the buttons for the nav bar. when i preview, i can't see any of those buttons i added, but i do see all the other images (background, logo and the order & view gifs.) The images I do see in the preview i had placed on my html page before experiencing problems. Now, any image I apply to any html page, isn't previewed. But again, the image will show up after I publish to the ftp.

What's up with this. Is this a cache problem. I've cleared everything out imaginable.

Also, taking a look at my site, I'm creating everthing with layers. In regards to the nav bar I've built. Will it be possible to have all the following behaviors work properly?

1) mouse-rollover swaps button1 image for button 2 image
2) mouse-out restores button2 image
3) mouse-click keeps button2 image and opens new page

Thanks all.

I appreciate it.

Also, I did finally get the virtual tours to run on a site page which can be seen at

05-19-2005, 08:46 PM
step 2 in the behaviors question shoud be....

2) mouse-out restores button1 image

Sorry for my error :)