View Full Version : inserting virtual tour applet's on home page

05-18-2005, 07:01 PM
I create virtual tours and i want to have one running on my new websites home page. What I want to accomplish can be seen here www.rickholland.tv/test.html. And the new website I'm building can be seen at www.thevirtualtoursite.com

i've used DW MX and layers to build the home page.

The virtual program I use (easypano's tourweaver) creates the following files....

RESOURCES - contains 3 gif's and an html called chromeless
SCENE - contains 10 jpg's
SOUND - contains 1 sound file
SKIN_TEST TOUR - a zipped file
TEST TOUR - explorer page which contains a link to view the tour
TOURVIEWER_TEST TOUR - explorer page which if doubleclicked launches tour
TWVIEWERP - executedable jar file

How do I create a layer and have the tour run automatically when my homepage loads.

Thanks in advance :)

05-18-2005, 07:19 PM
hiya, can't help you much because I have no idea how your other software generates files or what they look like.
Did you try to contact support for Tourweaver? http://www.easypano.com/support_index.html ('http://www.easypano.com/support_index.html')