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05-14-2005, 04:42 PM
How do you publish your web site through DW MX? In front page, when i click 'publish web' i get an ftp like screen where i can choose what to upload. I can also see a networked folder on my HDD with all my pages in it, and of course you have the 'my webs' folder, which looks like anything that is saved to it, is replicated in the networked folder. Dosent Dreamweaver have something similiar to this?

I have installed the frontpage extension from the macromedia exchange site, but i still dont see a 'publish web' command.

Ive been dragging and droping my sites into the networked folder for now, but its becoming annoying =] If anyone could walk me through it, or give me a check list of things to check, i'd appreciate it.