View Full Version : Can help with Photoshop Also !

05-08-2005, 02:57 AM
Hi, I lecture on Photoshop around the Computer Clubs & Camera Clubs in Brisbane (Australia), and can help. 32 years a professional photographer.

I am just totaly new tp HTML and lost completely in dreamweaver.. Trying to put 20,000 glass negs into a web site, but Fireworks and dream weaver are 'conspiring' against me....!@#$%^&

I was shooting digital in 1986... But this dreamweaver is a whole ne world... I want something simple to make web pages... and it seems that it is either Dreamweaver or GoLive. (use a Mac) but GoLive does not seem to do Photo Albums like dreamwaver does...

Sandy Barrie. Hon. Life Mem. AIPP.